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Accepted during the pandemic if the recommended method of hand signing is not possible. Typing name, initials or uploading an image of a signature is not accepted.


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Frequently asked questions

A consent form is required pursuant to the Canadian Privacy Act, which states that personal information shall not, without the consent of the individual to whom it relates, be disclosed.

If signed and dated consent from all adult individuals is not provided, then it is possible that your request will be delayed or alternatively information related to missing consent will not be disclosed.
A consent form is required from the principal applicant under all circumstances. If applicable the spouse or common-law partner must enter his or her details on the same consent form as the principal applicant, a separate consent form for the spouse or common-law partner is not required.

If the principal applicant is under the age of 16, signatures from both parents are required on the same consent form and if applicable a recent Canadian court document showing custody agreement will be required.

It's recommended that consent is provided for other adult individuals (16 years old and over) e.g. adult dependent or sponsor whose names are mentioned in the visa application.

If the consent form for all individuals is not provided then the government institution will sever information related to the missing consent form.
If you or your family have been sponsored to come to Canada then the consent of the sponsor as well as the principal applicant is required. In addition, consent from other family members being sponsored such as a spouse or dependent children 16 years old and over is also required.
The principal applicant's file number will be used as reference for all the consent forms.
Always submit a recent Consent form even if it's a repeat order. The Consent form should be dated within 30 days of placing the order.
New IRCC Consent Form
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has updated its consent form so that multiple family members can now provide the required information in a single document.

Using the new form is not mandatory and its provided here for your convenience should you wish to use the new form. Please note that previous versions of the consent form are still valid and perfectly good to use.

CBSA Consent Form
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Consent Form is used for;
  • CBSA Notes from CBSA
  • CAIPS/GCMS Notes from CBSA or IRCC
  • Entire File from CBSA or IRCC
Simplified Consent Process: If requesting information from both IRCC and CBSA you can now provide only 1 consent form i.e. the CBSA consent form.

Electronically sign the Consent form; no form to download, print or scan. Sign from your computer, tablet or cell phone. It's easier to use than paper. Once you have completed the form, all parties will receive an email containing the PDF document. You pay nothing extra for this convenience. Simple. Fast. Secure.
Adobe Scan App
The free Adobe Scan mobile app works on your mobile device and scans documents into PDFs. Use it to scan your hand signed Consent Form. Easily capture and convert documents into high-quality Adobe PDFs. And with different capture modes, you can ensure that you capture the clearest scan every time.

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