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The facts

Know the facts and make an informed decision
GCMS notes is a report from the Global Case Management System
Requesting it has no influence on the processing of a visa application
It can also be requested from CBSA

Why request your file?

Know the status of your visa application
Is your representative doing his/her job
Prepare for interview and gather documents
Understand visa refusal reasons

Our services

Below is an overview of our services
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  • Immigration, Student, Visitor, Work Visa
  • Electronic notes
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CBSA Notes

  • Immigration, Student, Visitor, Work Visa
  • Electronic notes
  • travel history & security screening
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Entire File

  • Immigration, Student, Visitor, Work Visa
  • Electronic notes
  • copies of all documents
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How to order

Requesting your file is as easy as 1-2-3 and you can track the progress online & access the file in a convenient PDF format.

Step 1 - Application details

Start with the secure & easy to complete online order form. We collect the minimal amount of information required.

Step 2 - Payment

Next make the payment using an option convenient to you. We operate exclusively with PCI compliant payment processors.

Step 3 - Consent & ID

The last step is to complete the prefilled consent form and provide a photo ID. The documents can be uploaded securely.

Apply now. Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Enter applicant details. Complete payment. Sign consent form

Why choose CaipsNotes.com?

With we have a track record of superior results. We aim to provide an honest and transparent service, process your order promptly, answer your questions with courtesy and keep you informed along the way. Below are some of our distinguishing features;

Safe & secure order process

Strong privacy policy

Online order tracking

Client portal to download file

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